European Photography 70
Fall/Winter 2001/2002
80 pp., English/German
EUR 16.00 / US$20.00

European Photography 70 features Denis Roche (Paris), Heather Ackroyd/Daniel Harvey (Dorking, England), Mariko Mori (Tokyo/New York), Heiner Schilling (Cologne), Norbert Schoerner (London), John Goto (Oxford), and Olga Chernysheva (Moscow/Amsterdam).

Media theorist Vilém Flusser is introduced with two contributions:
 "Philosopher of the Apparatus – In memory of Vilém Flusser, who died ten years ago," and with his last interview from 1991.

"His analysis of the apparatus is the nucleus of Flusser's analysis
of photography. His analysis of photography is the nucleus of his analysis of the media. And his analysis of the media (of communication) is the nucleus of his analysis of culture" (Andreas Müller-Pohle).

Book reviews include Hubertus von Amelunxen (ed.): Theorie der Fotografie IV (by Verena von Gagern); Trade. Waren, Wege und Werte im Welthandel heute (by Matthias Groll); Kiosk. Eine Geschichte der Fotoreportage 1839–1973 (by Hans-Michael Koetzle); Detlev Motz: Die besten Amateurfotografen (by Christoph Tannert); Paul Virilio/Jacqueline Salmon: Chambres précaires (by Ian Jeffrey); Ken Schles: The Geometry of Innocence (by Chris Miller); Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva: The Bang-Bang Club. Snapshots from a Hidden War (by Jan-Erik Lundström); John Szarkowski (ed.): Ansel Adams at 100 (by David Glenn Rinehart); Sharon Lockhart (by Ian Jeffrey); Renate Wiehager (ed.): Moving Pictures. Photography and Film in Contemporary Art (by Anthony Georgieff).


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