Photograph by Jim Bengston, accompanying the Slow Motion deluxe edition

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Jim Bengston: Slow Motion.
Time as movement in space – a sequence of Bengston's best Polaroid photographs taken between 1977 and 1985. With an introduction by Robert Meyer. 108 pp., 65 duotone images, hardbound. 100 copies signed and numbered, with slipcase and an original print made, signed and numbered by the artist. Out of stock.

Joan Fontcuberta/Pere Formiguera: Fauna
An ironic and provocative look at photography and science. 84 pp., 86 photographs and illustrations. Deluxe edition of 50 copies, with slipcase and a certified reprint from the Ameisenhaufen archives. Out of stock.

Andreas Müller-Pohle: Transformance
An experiment with chance: Photography against the rules of the game – the exploration of the invisible aimed at revealing what lies beyond photographic perception. Introduction by Vilém Flusser. 88 pp., 50 duotone images, hardbound. Deluxe edition of 100 copies signed and numbered, with slipcase and an original print, EUR 520.00 (German/English)

Dörte Eissfeldt: Schneeball/Snowball
Twenty-nine approaches to a snowball, presented in a special foldout edition. With an introduction by Monique David-Ménard. 29 duotone reproductions, original print on cover, slipcase, EUR 29.00 (German/English/French)