European Photography 1980–2010

European Photography 1980–2012 is a collector's item available in 92 original issues, totalling 6,026 pages, in a very limited number of copies. It comprises a unique record of contemporary photography and art.

Themes include: Series–Cycle–Sequence–Tableau; Spanish Photography in the 1980s; Contemporary Trends I–III: Visualism, Conceptual Photography, Documentary Photography; Immigrants; Animal Trouvé; Nude Photo – New Trends? Project Photography; The Photographic Still Life; Photography and Politics; Work in Progress; Private Pictures; Mediterranean Photography; Narrative in North America; Photography Today/Tomorrow; Australian Photography Now; Photo Trouvée; Countervisions; The Photographic Process; Dutch Staged Photography; German Stagings; Northern Prospects; 15 Artists – 150 Years; Ten Years Later – Anniversary Issue; Photography in Britain; Young European Photographers; Fotofest Finds; Deutschfoto (Ost); Debut: A Teacher's Choice; Austria – A New Paradigm; The Philosopher Vilém Flusser; Artist's Cookbook; On the Theory of Photography; Contemporaneity I–IV; goEurope: the kaleidoscopic eye; The Politics of Immortality; Photography and Water; The Triumph of Chinese Photography; Reality Crossings; Photobook Award 2007/2008; The Gursky Phenomenon; Contemporary Photography in The U.S.; Net Photography; Private Photography; Investigative Photography

European Photography 1980–2012 is available for EUR 2,092.00 plus shipping and handling cost (Europe EUR 120.00, outside Europe EUR 220.00).

Single back issues of European Photography may be purchased at the following prices:

1–52: EUR 25.00
53–60: EUR 40.00
61: EUR 180.00
62: EUR 50.00
63: EUR 250.00
64/65: EUR 180.00
66–70: EUR 50.00
71–72: EUR 22.00
73/74: EUR 24.00
75–78: EUR 16.00
79/80: EUR 24.00
81: EUR 30.00
82–83: EUR 16.00
84: EUR 18.00
85/86: EUR 27.00
87–92: EUR 18.00

Shipping and handling (Europe EUR 10.00, outside Europe EUR 15.00 per copy; shipping costs for larger quantities on request).

Send order and availability requests to European Photography, Back Issues, P.O. Box 08 02 27, D-10002 Berlin, Germany, or e-mail us. Confirmation and payment information to be received by e-mail.


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