European Photography 89

European Photography 91
Cover: Achim Mohné
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European Photography 91 on Investigative Photography presents 11 in-depth projects, exploring political, social, aesthetic, and media issues today.

Featured artists are Ruben Salvadori, Dana Popa, Alexis Cordesse, Ji Hyun Kwon, Juraj Lipscher, Lynna Jean, Achim Mohné, Simon Menner, Verner Soler, Txema Salvans, and Alinka Echeverría. Besides visual presentations, each contribution comprises the artist’s work description and an interview.

Ruben Salvadori

Alexis Cordesse

Ji Hyun Kwon, Txema Salvans

Lynna Jean

Simon Menner, Dana Popa

Also in this issue (English/German):

by Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer, the winners of this year’s Photobook Dummy Award.

Deep Views: Afghanistan and Fukushima, by Bill Kouwenhoven, an extensive discussion of two new studies on the trails of Afghan heroin and on the consequences of the Fukushima disaster.

Crime Scene Picture, a review of investigative photography manuals, by Boris von Brauchitsch.

World Press Photo: The Next Phase?, a diagnosis and therapy proposal by guest blogger A. D. Coleman.

International Photobook Stores, a survey by Benjamin Füglister, recommending some of the coolest local and online bookstores worldwide.

Printed in highest offset quality on 170 g art paper, sewn-bound, 24 x 30 cm, 80 pages, single copy price EUR 18.00. Available at selected bookstores and by subscription.

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