European Photography 82

European Photography 83
Cover photograph: Thomas Mailaender
Summer 2008. Order your copy here


European Photography 83, featuring work by Jonathan Torgovnik (Rwanda Genocide), Ferit Kuyas (Chongqing – City of Ambition), Suzanne Option (Soldier), Brian Finke (Flight Attendants), Andy Freeberg (Gallery Desks in Chelsea), Philippe Herbet (Russian Women), Thomas Mailaender (Acrobatic Squad), Vadim Gushchin (Moscow – Suburban Landscapes), Xing Danwen (Guangdong), Eric Klemm (Silent Warriors: North American Indians), Andreas Gefeller (Supervisions), Ok Hyun Ahn (Mirror Ball), Rachel Papo (Military Service in Israel), Emma Livingston (NOA – North West Argentina), Eva Lauterlein (Chimères), Daniel & Geo Fuchs (Stasi – Secret Rooms), Lun Nan (Mental Hospital), and Brad Temkin (Relics). Reviews of all 22 books nominated for the Photobook Award 2007/08, by Boris von Brauchitsch.


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