European Photography 72

European Photography 73/74
Double issue 2003. 112 pages

European Photography 73/74 with "Metadating the Image" by Lev Manovich and "Santiago Sierra: No Privileges – for Anyone" by Gabriele Mackert, as well as recent work by Tomoko Yoneda, Peter Bialobrzeski, Petra Karadimas, Mayumi Lake, Karen Joisten and Norbert Miguletz, Qingsong Wang, Juno, Pavel Banka, Paola Di Bella, and Michael Danner.

In-depth reviews on Joachim Brohm: Areal (by Matthias Groll), Aglaia Konrad: Elasticity (by Johanna Hofleitner), Fliegen – Die Geschichte der Luftfahrt (by Ralf Christofori), Herlinde Koelbl: Schlafzimmer (by Volker Rapsch), Friedrich Kittler: Optische Medien (by Ronald Berg), Rosalind Solomon: Chapalingas (by Ulf Erdmann Ziegler), Manfred Hamm: Die antiken Stätten von morgen (by Reinhard Matz), Anthony Hernandez: Waiting for Los Angeles (by Ian Jeffrey), The History of Japanese Photography (by Bill Kouwenhoven), Oliver Grau: Virtual Art (by Guy Van Belle), Consuming Bodes – Sex and Contemporary Japanese Art (by Chris Miller), Julian Spalding: The Eclipse of Art (by David Glenn Rinehart), John Demos: Shadows of Silence (by John Stathatos), plus listings of 63 recommendable new publications.


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