European Photography 72

European Photography 72
Winter 2002/2003. 80 pages.

European Photography 72 features new developments in Cybermapping and James Nachtwey's "War Photographer," as well as recent work by Melanie Smith, Jules Spinatsch, Larry Sultan, Max Regenberg, Wolfgang Müller, Stefanie Bürkle, and Andres Serrano.

Lengthy reviews on Das Lexikon der Fotografen/Prestel Lexikon der Fotografen (by Johanna Hofleitner), EndCommercial (by Matthias Groll), The Japanese Experience (by Ferdinand Brüggemann), Die Kunst der Abstrakten Fotografie (by Ralf Christofori), Jonathan Crary: Aufmerksamkeit (by Michael Wetzel), Sophie Ristelhueber: Details of the World (by Ian Jeffrey), Lauren Greenfield: Girl Culture (by Bill Kouwenhoven), Thomas Struth: New Pictures from Paradise (by Chris Miller), Tilman Baumgärtel: 2.0 (by Guy Van Belle), Lyle Rexer: The Antiquarian Avant-Garde (by A.D. Coleman), Documenta 11. Catalog (by Jan-Erik Lundström), and Philip Jones Griffiths: Vietnam, Inc. (by A.D. Coleman).

Also in this issue: European Photography Index 2000-2002.


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