European Photography 71

European Photography 71
Summer 2002. 80 pages

European Photography 71 features Tetsuya Tsukamoto (Tokyo), Bruno Stevens (Brussels), Ari Saarto (Helsinki), Nikolaj Kulebyakin (Moscow), André Rival (Berlin), Lars Tunbjörk (Stockholm), Jirí David (Prague), JoAnn Brennan (Denver).

Thomas Knoefel presents Boris Groys, one of the most widely read philosophers and media theorists in the German-speaking countries, with an illuminating glossary on "The Politics of Immortality."

Reviewed publications are Image:/images. Positionen zur zeitgenössischen Fotografie (by Michael Wetzel); Dawid: Beautiful Frames (by Ulf Erdmann Ziegler); Plattenbauten. Berliner Betonerzeugnisse – Ein Quartettspiel (by Matthias Groll); Robert Häusser: Das photographische Werk 1940–2000 (by Gottfried Jäger); Walter Niedermayr: Raumfolgen 1991–2002 (by Johanna Hofleitner); New York, 11. September (by Christoph Tannert); Chic Clicks. Creativity and Commerce in Contemporary Fashion Photography (by Bill Kouwenhoven); Building a Photographic Library (by A.D. Coleman); Pipilotti Rist: Apricots Along the Street (by Chris Miller>); Stephen Wilson: Information Arts. Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology (by Guy van Belle); Slovak Photography 1925–2000 (by Vladimír Birgus); Diana Blok/Jan Brokken: Ay Dios (by Ian Jeffrey); and a picture spread presenting >Play – A Photographic Record by Carel van Hees.


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